Giant investment in Bergama!

Giant investment in Bergama!

Modern greenhouses were established on 420 decares of land in Bergama-Dikili with investment of $ 40 million and preparations for the construction of a geothermal hotel were started.

Mr. Hasan Şentürk, Board Member of “Bayburt İnşaat (Bayburt Construction)”, said that their investment in Bergama would be a role model for Turkey.

Mr. Hasan Şentürk, stating that Bergama is Turkey's one of most favorable regions in terms of greenhouse , emphasized that the greenhouse to be completed will be among the largest and most modern greenhouses in Europe and added the following:

'120 decares of the greenhouse, we plan to build on a total of 420 decares of land, will begin to operate this year. We will have agricultural production in the entire land within 4 years. According to my project, every greenhouse we build will generate the finance of the 120 decares of the new greenhouse of greenhouse we will establish next year. The project will finance itself.'

Giant investment in Bergama!

Exemplary project

Mr. Hasan Şentürk, stating that approximately 500 people will be employed in the greenhouse explained that they will be a role model with the investments they will make and will open a door to the region's economic survival. Mr. Şentürk said, 'We will utilize geothermal energy also for small family businesses which are operating in the region or which will be newly established.'

Mr. Hasan Şentürk, stating that their total project investment is $ 40 million, said that he planned to earn $ 5 million in 2003 from the first greenhouse which will start production.