1Geothermal Energy Potential

There is a specific temperature which plants need for their development. As such, heating in greenhouses is very important and it has high costs. Geothermal energy is very significant for reducing costs in regions where it is not possible to heat greenhouses by using traditional methods due to climatic changes.

Therefore, it is necessary to utilize geothermal energy, which is clean and renewable, in the right places and in an effective way. We reduce our carbon footprint (carbon emissions) inasmuch as we use geothermal energy which is a renewable and clean energy source in lieu of using fossil fuels in heating.

We safeguard our environment and future by using green energy while we grow healthy products at the same time. We, as Agrobay, use the geothermal energy potential correctly and make more efficient production with less cost inasmuch as Bergama district of İzmir province is a region with very high geothermal energy potential.

2Qualified manpower in the field of agriculture

It is difficult and expensive to find manpower in the field of agriculture in large cities. BERGAMA district of İzmir province can be considered as a lucky region in this sense. Bergama is a town of agriculture. Bakırçay Basin, which is also in this region, is a very significant area for agriculture. As such, the people who live in all these regions are also very interested in agriculture while they have high ability and hand skills.

We feel very lucky of being able to recruit people who are interested in agriculture and who enjoy to serve the land and who have high ability for agriculture. We have been employing 550 people who love land and agriculture in our continuously growing business since 2002 and our target is to increase this number by virtue of our new investments.

3Advantage of the Climate

Aegean region is a very important region for greenhouse. The microclimate feature of the region allows the soil to warm up more easily and furnishes climatic advantages. Agrobay utilizes climatic advantages in greenhouse business thanks to the region where it operates and makes early planting, early reaping and late harvest compared to other regions. And this increases efficiency and yield.

4Advantage of location in export

It is very important to be close and have easy and fast access to export ports, main road routes and border regions. The region we are located in has the possibility of carrying out mixed transportation thanks to its proximity to main road routes, ports, railways and airports. We can easily reach Europe and Russia by sea and road by virtue of our advantageous location.

Kapıkule border gate is one of the border regions we are close to. We can easily transport the products we produce to many countries by highway by virtue of special refrigerated trucks thanks to our location advantage.