The World's Greatest Greenhouse in Bergama, Dikili!

The world's largest greenhouse is being established

Agrobay firm, having the largest greenhouse in Europe, will have the largest greenhouse in the world with the new investment thereof.

Mr. Hasan Şentürk, Chairman of Agrobay Seracılık A.Ş., stated that they reached 4 million Euros export annually in tomato and pepper varieties they produced in the geothermal heated greenhouses they established in 2003 on an area of 250 decares.

Mr. Şentürk, indicating that they have the Europe's largest and Turkey’s first greenhouse using geothermal energy, said that they started to prevent the sovereignty of the Netherlands in this in the European market with the investment they made.

Mr. Şentürk stated that they invested 15m Euros in greenhouses and packaging facilities until present and added the following:

''At the moment we are in the 5th place with 250 decares. Our investment project continues. We are transferring all the income we gain from export to new investments. We will have increase the greenhouse area to 550 decares with the project to be completed in 2010, turnovers of and have the world's largest greenhouse. In 2010 we will achieve an employment of 1000 people and an export of 10 million Euros. In addition to agriculture, we prepared projects in the fields of geothermal hotel and eel production." Mr. Şentürk, who stated that they are making production in European standards in a completely computer-controlled environment and without using earth, noted that they do not have any marketing problem.

Mr. Şentürk, expressing that they did not make a special effort for marketing after establishing the plant continued his words by saying: '' We make all of our business connections by phone. The clients call us and give us their prices. We dispatch goods if we prefer. We ship goods to Germany, Denmark, Russia, Norway and Spain. We dispatch products directly to Tesco stores in the UK and EDK stores in Germany. The peppers we produce are being consumed even at the British Royal Palace to where it is delivered by Tesco."

Mr. Şentürk noted that they will start production of persimmon, nectarine, melon, watermelon and cherry which also has great demand in European market as from next year.

The World's Greatest Greenhouse in Bergama, Dikili!

Invitation to Investors

Mr. Şentürk expressing that in a journey he made to the Netherlands while his company was operating in the construction sector, he saw that the sea was filled because there is no earth and thus the greenhouses were established and the sunlight environment was created by the light of bulbs continued his words by saying: ''the environment they try to create is already present in our country. But there is no investment. What I saw in this trip triggered me and I decided to make an exemplary investment. My goal is not to obtain profit but to show that Turkey's overcoming its problems will be with agriculture. Therefore, I invite all investors to this area. I will commence to make production with contracted farming model as from next year".

Mr. Şentürk mentioned the fact that they faced bureaucratic difficulties inasmuch as the greenhouses are subject to the zoning law. Mr. Şentürk, indicating that they have to apply to 17 institutions in order to establish a greenhouse, added that he is still coping with these problems since 2 years.